February 14, 2006

Policy of moving priests criticised

One in Four

The Catholic Church's policy of removing a priest from a parish if there is an allegation of sexual misconduct against him has been criticised by a prominent Redemptorist, Fr Tony Flannery.

Speaking on the eve of the annual solemn novena in Galway cathedral, Fr Flannery said such a procedure was akin to condemning the priest while still innocent until proven guilty. It was also "unfair" that a public statement was made at Mass the weekend after a priest was removed in such circumstances.

Fr Flannery made his comments in the wake of recent instances where priests were asked to step aside in western parishes - and where returning Bishop Eamonn Casey cannot celebrate Mass pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations made against him.

Posted by kshaw at February 14, 2006 04:26 PM