February 14, 2006

More criminal charges may surface as probe into sex abuses advances

Ottawa Sun


CORNWALL -- A public inquiry aimed at finally closing the book on an ugly, age-old chapter of Cornwall history could lead to brand new allegations of wrongdoing that will drag this saga well into the future.

For years, the victims of an alleged 40-year pedophile ring involving clergymen and high-profile local officials have petitioned the provincial government to get to the bottom of the scandal, the coverup and the botched OPP investigation dubbed Project Truth that ensued.

Yesterday, that effort was rewarded as the much anticipated inquiry kicked off with expert testimony from Dr. David Wolfe, a leading psychologist and professor who specializes in child sexual abuse.

But while the inquiry, according to Justice Normand Glaude, is ultimately aimed at helping the victims and the community at large find "healing and closure," lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann admitted the process could lead to new criminal charges.

Posted by kshaw at February 14, 2006 07:02 AM