February 13, 2006

The church and us

Fairbanks News-Miner

Although delay or cancellation remain possible, the date of Alaska's first civil trial involving the Catholic church and alleged victims of sexual abuse is days away.

The bishop has discussed options under consideration with church leaders and parishioners in recent days, including the possibility of bankruptcy. The text of a letter from the bishop to members of the church is reprinted in today's newspaper.

As the number of complaints against the church has risen to 90 over the months, so have come the questions of the newspaper and how it has chosen to cover the accusations.

Some see this as the business of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church; something the general public will never understand and may not care to understand. The acts, if true, are horrendous, they would agree, but the news coverage is not fair and just something that tarnishes the church and shakes people's faith as a newspaper seeks titillating headlines.

Posted by kshaw at February 13, 2006 07:27 AM