February 09, 2006

Priest 'abandoned' pregnant cousin


A woman who claims to be pregnant by her Catholic priest cousin has said he abandoned her after she told him she was expecting his child.

Married mother-of-one Hilda Robertson, 41, said she had a two-year affair with Father Roddy MacNeil, a priest in Castlebay on the Hebridean isle of Barra where they both grew up.

Fr MacNeil, who was a close friend of the mother of Diana, Princess of Wales, was suspended from his post in the parish in December.

Parishioners were told at the time by the Bishop of Argyll that the 45-year-old priest had been asked to take time out to "reflect on the future of his priestly vocation".

Ms Robertson, who will give birth in the summer, told the Daily Record newspaper that she first slept with her cousin in Barra when she returned to the island in February 2004, days before her brother died.

Posted by kshaw at February 9, 2006 08:30 AM