February 09, 2006

D.A. Investigator Contradicts Accuser at Trial of Wempe

Los Angeles Times

By Jean Guccione and Jessica Garrison, Times Staff Writers

A prosecution investigator Wednesday contradicted part of the story of the man who is accusing retired priest Michael Wempe of molestation.

Ed Torres, a senior investigator for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, testified that the accuser told him a year ago that he had been molested in the Catholic priest's office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and in the hospital chapel.

In earlier testimony, the accuser, identified in court as Jayson B., said that he had been molested in the office and the adjoining parking structure. He did not mention the chapel.

Torres, as testimony ended Wednesday, was called as part of the defense's effort to poke holes in Jayson B.'s story.

Another defense witness testified that Wempe did not lease the purple Ford Thunderbird that Jayson B. said he was molested in until after the alleged abuse had ended.

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