February 05, 2006

Feedback vital for community, newspaper

The Coloradoan

Robert Moore

Readers of the Coloradoan often call or write when they think we could have done something better. Even when I don't agree, their feedback reminds me of how important the paper is to the community.

The reader criticism helps us get better. This past week, three stories or editorials brought thought-provoking reader reaction.

On Jan. 30, we had an editorial about attempts in Larimer County courts to delay or impede public access to information in high-profile criminal cases.

The editorial was prompted by a motion to bar the public from a pretrial hearing for a former priest, Timothy Evans, accused of sexual abuse. Defense lawyers were surprised the Coloradoan knew about the motion to bar the public from the hearing, because they believed the judge had earlier issued an order to temporarily block public access to everything in the case file.

District Judge Jolene Blair, in rejecting the motion to close the pretrial hearing, clarified that her earlier ruling on sealing records applied only to a couple of affidavits from police.

Evans' attorney, Erik Fischer, wrote me a strong letter last week to say the editorial was an "attempt to smear Mr. Evans' legal counsel."

I wrote in response - and repeat it here - that the editorial was not intended as commentary on Evans' attorneys. They are doing nothing more than vigorously advocating for their client, which is their job.

Posted by kshaw at February 5, 2006 08:16 AM