February 02, 2006

Witness says he wouldn't commit violence against molesting priest

Monterey County Herald

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - One of Michael Wempe's sex abuse victims testified Thursday that the former priest stopped molesting him after they were involved in a 1986 car crash and Wempe "was sent away to pedophile camp."
The 36-year-old witness also said he believes the accident happened when Wempe lost control of the car while assaulting him.
He acknowledged under cross-examination by Wempe's lawyer that he previously said that while he "could not rule out the possibility" Wempe was molesting him when he crashed the car, he wasn't certain.
"I am now entirely sure," said the man, identified only as Lee B. He is an older brother of the man Wempe is on trial for allegedly molesting.
Lee testified that the Catholic church paid for the accident and noted that he didn't see Wempe for a long time afterward.

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