January 26, 2006

Pastor Arrested For Failing To Report Possible Sexual Assault


A Newport News pastor is in jail.

He's accused of not reporting a possible case of sexual assault, involving three children. Rev. Floyd Blackwell turned himself in Wednesday.

67-year-old Blackwell is the pastor at Miracle Temple Baptist Church. Police say they got a tip last November that a 19-year-old may have sexually assaulted three of his young female relatives.

The girls are seven, eight, and nine-years-old. During their investigation, police also found out that another family member told Blackwell about the possible abuse.

However, police say Blackwell did not go to the authorities, and he advised the family member not to tell police. Blackwell is being held without bond. The 19-year-old, accused of committing the sexual assault, was also arrested.

Posted by kshaw at January 26, 2006 08:42 AM