January 22, 2006

Rabbi Mordecai Tendler Demands Resignation of Rabbis


SPRING VALLEY, N.Y., Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- A motion to dismiss was filed
last week seeking the summary dismissal of a case brought recently in Supreme
Court, New York County entitled Adina Marmelstein v. Rabbi Mordecai Tendler.
The case was previously reported under the headline "RABBI IN SEX-GOD SCANDAL"
written by David Hafetz of The New York Post, owned by News Corporation.
Widely reported in The Jewish Press, America's largest independent Jewish
weekly newspaper, The Rabbinical Council of America, Mark Dratch, Yosef Blau,
Hershel Billet and Basil Herring were summoned to appear before the Chief
Rabbinical Court of the State of Israel (case number: 900008858-35-1) by Rabbi
Tendler on his claim that the organization dismissed him without due process
and his related claim that he was the victim of a conspiracy by the
codefendants in the case, of malicious and libelous leaks, made by Rabbis
Yosef Blau, Mark Dratch, Herschel Billet, and Basil Herring to Gary
Rosenblatt, Editor of The Jewish Week. It will be claimed at the trial of the
case before the Rabbinical Court that leaks were utilized and calculated to
mislead and pressure others on the Rabbinical Council of America to dismiss
Rabbi Tendler from the organization.
The motion to dismiss the complaint denied the allegations and called the
charges "scurrilous," "outrageous" and "calculated to be sensational and
damaging to Rabbi Tendler's reputation in his community." The motion charged
that the filing of the suit was a violation of the New York State Civil Rights

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