January 22, 2006

Casey plans his return to Galway

The Sunday Times

Siobhan Maguire and Mark Tighe

THE Bishop of Galway, Martin Drennan, last night confirmed that Eamon Casey, the former bishop who fathered a child with an American divorcee, will return “within weeks” to live in the county.

Casey, who left Ireland 14 years ago, has decided to move back to live in Beagh, a quiet parish in south Galway, close to its boundary with Clare.

The 78-year-old has told Drennan he is hoping to find “privacy and peace” on his return. “He will be adjusting to a very new Ireland from the one he left. We have taken soundings in the parish and people have been very positive and very forgiving,” Drennan said.

“He has decided against living around Galway city. He is very aware to live in and around the city would attract too much attention. He is very happy with the location and he will have better access to his own relatives.”

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