January 21, 2006

His side of the story

Culpeper Star Exponent

Liz Mitchell - Staff Writer
Culpeper Star Exponent
Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chad Robison hopes by coming forward other people will have the courage to tell their stories of childhood abuse.

Robison, 29, says he is a victim of Charles Shifflett, the 54-year-old pastor of First Baptist Church of Culpeper who was arrested Tuesday on Class 6 felony charges of “cruelty and injury to children.”

Until now, Robison had not gone public with his identity. On Friday, he spoke with reporters after filing another felony charge against Shifflett related to sexual abuse.

“It is no longer about me at all,” Robison said. “It’s only for the other kids who don’t have a voice.”

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