January 19, 2006

Child pornography case ends in 33 arrests


A total of 33 people have been arrested in Spain this week in an operation against the distribution of child pornography on Internet. The detainees had paid by credit card for access to pornographic websites controlled in Florida, USA, and in Belarus.

The police have emphasized the wide social spectrum and different professions of the people arrested. Among them are teachers, administrators, businesspeople, a doctor, sports monitors, bankers, pensioners and a priest.

After several months of investigations, the 33 were identified and accused of assisting in the distribution of child pornography on the world wide web. By paying to access the pages in question, they help finance the criminals who create and administer them.

American investigators had confirmed that the site controlled in Florida had been visited by people in 27 countries. Some of the people involved could not be identified, as it was found that the credit cards they used had been reported stolen or lost.

Posted by kshaw at January 19, 2006 09:10 PM