January 12, 2006

I was abused too, says Detroit bishop

Philadelphia Daily News

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A bishop in the Detroit Archdiocese said yesterday that he had been touched inappropriately by a priest when he was a teenager, making him the first U.S. Catholic bishop to disclose that he was a victim of sexual abuse by clergy.
Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, 75, spoke at a news conference in support of an Ohio bill that would remove time limits that have prevented victims from suing the church over their alleged abuse. He said some perpetrators have not yet been exposed, and the only way to ensure they will be is through the courts.
Ohio bishops agree with extending the time limits for future abuse cases but have vigorously lobbied against a provision allowing a one-year window for victims to sue over abuse that happened up to 35 years ago.
"I regret that we need this kind of legislation, but I insist we do need it," Gumbleton said before meeting with House lawmakers who are undecided on the bill.

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