November 28, 2005



By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Nov 25, 2005

Society’s whims change. Political correctness is not divine revelation. Trends come and go. But according to the Christian, the Word of God does not change. It is eternal. Therefore, its truths cannot bend according to fads and fancies.

Therefore, when the Roman Catholic Church gives forth with the divine truth regarding homosexuality, then it is in league with the everlasting.

According to Meghan Clyne of the New York Sun: "A new document refining the Vatican's position on homosexuals in the priesthood will place greater pressure on American bishops, seminary rectors, and local clergy, and may inflame tensions among leaders of the Catholic Church in America, observers said yesterday.

"Despite criticism from some quarters, those supportive of the document's stipulations said it might also result in more careful attention being paid to the process by which young men become priests, ultimately proving beneficial to the church."

The worldwide church is forever in the process of cleansing. Hopefully the Holy Spirit and not mere church councils and opinions of mankind order such cleansing. When it comes to Christian ethics, the Scripture is the only guide reliable.

Posted by kshaw at November 28, 2005 01:20 PM