November 26, 2005

Child abuse letter rocks Anglicans

The Sunday Mail

GOLD Coast pensioner Richard "Tommy" Campion has a horrifying, clear picture of what his lawyers believe will be one of the worst cases of child abuse in an Australian orphanage.

His nightmares have led him to write a five-page letter to the Anglican Church in which he graphically details the sadistic treatment he and fellow orphans suffered at the church's North Coast Children's Home at Lismore in northern NSW in the 1950s.

The instances of "cowardly physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse from the staff, clergymen and matron" have been corroborated by many other victims who contacted Mr Campion's Brisbane lawyer, Simon Harrison.

As part of his campaign to gain an apology and compensation for the victims, Mr Campion, 58, agreed to be photographed outside the grounds of the home this week. He later asked the new owners' permission to visit the old dormitories.

Posted by kshaw at November 26, 2005 12:34 PM