November 17, 2005

Sex scandal ignites student oposition

The Keystone

Laura Dowhie
News Writer, The Keystone

KUTZTOWN—Students are speaking out about the ongoing Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s sex scandal. A large number of the population here at KU is from the Philadelphia area and this has impacted their views on religion in general.

Allison Ackerman, a sophomore Elementary Education major from the Philadelphia area, said, “It is a shame, but I get the feeling that the other priests in the Archdiocese know they have to rebuild their reputations.”

Elena Columbo, a sophomore Psychology major, said, “If you can’t trust the priests at your church, then who can you trust? What they did was wrong and they got away with it.”

The Christopher House declined to comment.

Posted by kshaw at November 17, 2005 11:15 AM