November 15, 2005

Views vary on bishop's column about gay priests

Finger Lakes Times

Finger Lakes Times

GENEVA — Joanne Bienvenue of Waterloo wasn’t surprised to hear this morning that Bishop Matthew Clark recently wrote a column assuring homosexual priests that they are welcome in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.

Bienvenue, a former longtime parishioner of St. Mary’s Church in Waterloo, knew that the bishop had been supportive of homosexual priests and seminarians, and gays and lesbians, in the past.

While she believes in being tolerant of gays, Bienvenue disagreed strongly with Clark’s views, which he made clear in a column that appears in this week’s Catholic Courier.

“I don’t support a lot of things that the bishop has supported. I don’t know about some of the things that the Rochester Diocese has come out with.

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