November 15, 2005

Catholic priest's faith nearly dead

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Matt C. Abbott
November 14, 2005

Father James Haley of Arlington, Va., had the following (edited) quasi-response to a Nov. 14 Washington Post story regarding the families of Dan O'Connell and James Ellison. O'Connell and Ellison were allegedly shot to death by the late Father Ryan Erickson in 2002.

"Amazingly, after four years, I have still not heard anything significant about my 'trial.' In fact, from what I understand, my case has still not been received by the Vatican, where it may sit for many more years. And again, this is a trial about my behavior, not the bishop's, nor the chancellor's, nor the behavior of so many homosexual priests.

"I believe all is lost unless some wealthy individual gives me the necessary funding to do a real exposure the money being used primarily for my predicted legal defense because the Church will do, and has done, everything to prevent their dirty 'little' gay secret from being exposed. And the last thing I want is to end up in prison worrying about homosexual rape; I had too many 'roving' eyes in the priesthood.

"So it looks like the evil men have won. A priest for ever utter nonsense! A Church that teaches the fullness of truth in faith and morals total baloney! And the good people in the pews? Simple, blind, stupid sheep who are still totally culpable every time they pay a dime to the Church without first insisting on the fullness of truth about this horrendous moral tragedy. A brief 'instruction' from the Vatican will do nothing to solve this outrageous moral dilemma, nor prevent the infiltration of future homosexual men; in fact, it will probably encourage even more to join.

Posted by kshaw at November 15, 2005 04:23 PM