November 12, 2005

Vatican policy on priests said to prohibit gays

Boston Globe

By Ralph Ranalli, Globe Staff | November 12, 2005

The Vatican's new policy on gays in the priesthood will bar men who practice homosexuality, who have ''deeply rooted" homosexual tendencies, or ''who support the so-called gay culture," according to an Italian newspaper.

The report by the conservative daily Il Giornale of Milan, based on what the newspaper said was the text of the Vatican's policy on gays in the priesthood, provides the most concrete details of the plan, which for weeks has been the subject of speculation, anonymous leaks, and conflicting reports in the US and Italian news media.

The newspaper quoted the report as saying that gay men or those who support gay culture are in a situation that ''presents an obstacle to a correct relationship with men and women."

The policy also demands, however, that homosexuals be ''treated with respect and delicacy" and said necessary steps should be taken to avoid ''any sign of discrimination," the newspaper reported.

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