November 09, 2005

Attorney for sex offender priest offers an apology


Neither Bukoski nor his attorney was in court on Tuesday.

But the attorney for The Fathers of the Sacred Hearts -- Bukoski's order -- was in court.

And he, too, read a public apology.

"The Fathers of the Sacred Hearts sincerely apologize for the sexual abuse suffered by Eugene Saulibio while at our seminary, and for all the harm we caused Eguene Saulibio after he came forward to help us appreciate what had happened. We also apologize to the Saulibio family, the members of Maria Lanakila Parish, and all Catholics for not stepping in earlier in putting a stop to this," says Paul Schraff, The Fathers of the Sacred Hearts attorney.

"Joe Bukoski has agreed not to attempt to apply for or work with children in any capacity in the future, and The Fathers of the Sacred Hearts have agreed not to put him in contact with children," says Margery Bronster, Saulibio's attorney.

Posted by kshaw at November 9, 2005 07:56 AM