November 07, 2005

Where in the World is Bishop Thomas Dupre?

The No Gray Zone

By Warren Mason
November 7, 2005

As 2005 comes to a close it is disheartening, yet all too predictable that little has changed within the cocoon like world of the Catholic hierarchy.

The 2004 indictments and subsequent dropping of child rape charges against Massachusetts Catholic Bishop Thomas Dupre certainly points to the inadequacy of most states laws to deal with such heinous offenses. Indeed it was only after the public outrage over Dupre’s not so great escape that Massachusetts legislators have begun to act, ever so slowly.

Just as troubling and perhaps more telling is the Catholic hierarchy’s apparent ignorance to the whereabouts of their wayward bishop and their total lack of concern for what he may still be doing.

Posted by kshaw at November 7, 2005 01:07 PM