November 07, 2005

Worcester Telegram columnist challenges Bishop McManus to admit the dioceses failure in the Fr James Aquino Case.

Worcester Voice

Columnist Diane Williamson, for the second Thursday in a row, has written the unholy truth. In her column today, her presentation reflects what many Catholic's have been speaking of in the background.

Ms Williamson recalls, So far in the Aquino case, diocesan officials have lied, denied, mishandled, covered up, blamed clergy haters, issued shallow apologies, offered lame excuses, and finally realized the gravity of the scandal only after they could no longer contain it.

So where is Bishop Robert McManus? Last week during this crises, he was not available many days. Bishop McManus did however have time for two interviews with Worcester Channel TV 3, one Friday October 28, 2005 and then again Monday October 31, 2005, after he had removed Fr. Aquino. Worcester Channel TV 3 has a very limited news area. Bishop McManus did grant one other interview, to The Catholic Free Press editor in chief, Margaret M. Russell according to her article.

Posted by kshaw at November 7, 2005 01:02 PM