November 06, 2005

‘All I want to know is: Why?’

Sunday Business Post

06 November 2005 By Aidan G Doyle
The Halloween bank-holiday weekend is the high point of Wexford Festival Opera. One of the unique experiences of the weekend is what is known locally as the Opera Mass.

Bishop Eamonn Walsh, who celebrated last Sunday's Mass in Rowe Street church in Wexford, reflected in his homily that the beauty of art could help people to come to terms with despair. His sermon inspired me to seek reconciliation with the men who abused me 40 years ago.

In the early 1960s, I was a second-year boarder in St Peter's College, Wexford. Because of an injury to my foot which delayed my entrance to secondary school, I was the oldest in my class.

In recalling the culture of physical, educational and psycho-sexual abuse which flourished then, it is worth recording an incident which took place a month into my first year at the school.

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