November 03, 2005

Bishop of Kilmore expresses shame at child sex abuse

The Anglo-Celt

By Sean McMahon

FOUR priests in the Diocese of Kilmore have been reported to the gardai over the years in relation to alleged child sexual abuse, while complaints about three others came to the attention of the diocese. Two of these were not deemed to give rise to reasonable suspicion that abuse had taken place. The earliest complaint dates back to 1947 while the remainder relate to dates in the late 1970’s early ‘80’s

However, one priest is currently being investigated by the Gardai and being processed according to the Church’s guidelines. Having conferred with the Gardai, informed the HSE, and taken the advice of the Advisory Panel, it was decided that the information, thus far available in the investigation, was insufficient to constitute a reasonable suspicion that abuse had occurred.

Bishop Leo O’Reilly told The Anglo Celt this week it is for this reason that the priest remains in ministry, pending the discovery by the Garda investigation of evidence that would give rise to reasonable suspicion, that abuse had occurred.

The number of priests living at the time a complaint was received and who stood aside from the Ministry, following a reasonable suspicion that child sexual abuse may have occurred is three.

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