November 03, 2005

Archbishop of Tuam apologises to child abuse victims

Galway Advertiser


The Archbishop of Tuam has apologised to child abuse victims and their families who suffered lasting hurt after being abused by priests.

Speaking in his homily at Tuam Cathedral on Sunday, Archbishop Michael Neary deplored the behaviour of these men.

"As priests they should have been protecting and nurturing the talents of these young people. The betrayal of trust is horrendous. Today the Church is ashamed of its past failings regarding child protection. I pray for those who have suffered abuse, that they will be able to achieve healing and peace in their lives. I pray also that those who have abused will realise the terrible harm they have done and will seek pardon for their sins."

Child abuse allegations have been made against 19 priests (six of whom are now deceased) in the Tuam archdiocese, according to the Catholic Communications office. The earliest date of alleged abuse was 1940. Allegations have also been made against seven priests (one of whom is deceased) of other dioceses who held appointments or occasionally ministered in the Tuam archdiocese. One allegation has been made against a priest whom it was not possible to identify.

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