November 03, 2005

13 sex abuse allegations against Galway

Galway Independent

by Jo Lavelle

There have been 13 allegations of child sexual abuse involving six priests in the Galway Diocese since 1950.

The figures come following the publication of the Ferns Report last week, which revealed an unprecedented number of priests accused of child sex abuse.

A spokesperson for the Galway Diocese told the Galway Independent that of the six priests involved in the allegations, two have since died, one has retired, one is out of ministry and two are currently in ministry.

In relation to the two priests who are still in ministry, the spokesperson said that following a thorough investigation where there was found to be no foundations to the allegations, the men were allowed to continue in ministry.

One priest who was the subject of a criminal charge in respect of child sex abuse was convicted in the courts.

The spokesperson said that no civil actions were pending and that all alleged cases had been thoroughly investigated by the civil authorities in the diocese. No money in settlement, compensation or otherwise had been paid out in regard to any allegations of child sexual abuse by priests.

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