October 31, 2005

Socialite suing church speaks out on New York Post article


by Wayne Besen
PageOneQ Contributing Writer & Columnist

Earlier this month, I wrote a disturbing column on J. David Enright IV, a New York man who The New York Post claimed was suing the Catholic Church for $5 million because a priest that molested him supposedly turned him gay. I interviewed Mr. Enright and he now claims that the Post got it wrong, saying he was "devastated" by the article.

"I'm a proud gay man. I'm out to do good."

Indeed, Mr. Enright has had his hand in gay issues in the past, usually behind the scenes. I have obtained his letter to the Editor that he sent to The New York Post. Here is the text:
Dear Editor,

I wish to make it perfectly clear that I never said or implied that Father Joseph Romano "made me gay." My issues with Father Romano and the Holy Roman Catholic Church are considerably larger.

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