October 28, 2005

Questions answered about LeBrun letter


Posted: 10/28/2005 05:32 pm
Last Updated: 10/28/2005 06:37 pm

NewsCenter 16 has learned more about the mysterious letter from a Detroit non-profit organization attempting to raise money for Father Paul LeBrun's defense trial. We have also come across another letter being sent exclusively to priests and pastors.

Father Paul LeBrun, a former South Bend priest, is on trial for child molestation in Arizona.

The big question on everyone's mind was how did this organization get a hold of names and addresses for various Catholic parishioners? The founder of Opus Bono, Joe Maher, says the answer lies with LeBrun supporters: someone you know may have given-up your information.

The two different letters are circulating through the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Catholic Diocese. Both from the same source, a Detroit non-profit organization known as Opus Bono Sacerdotti.

Posted by kshaw at October 28, 2005 07:08 PM