October 25, 2005

Govt promise to publish Ferns child sex abuse report

Irish Examiner

The report on alleged child sex abuse in the Diocese of Ferns will be presented to Cabinet later today by Minister Brian Lenihan.

The report details a number of allegations against priests there, and is expected to find against twenty priests and criticise two bishops.

The Government have promised to publish the report in full, but some information in the report has already been widely leaked.

It is believed that ten of the priests involved have died, six more have retired, three have been defrocked and one is described as old and infirm.

The two bishops in the diocese over the twenty years involved are the late Bishop Donal Herlihy and Bishop Brendan Comiskey.

The South Eastern Health Board also comes under criticism in the report.

Once the report is presented to Cabinet the five Wexford TDs will be briefed by Brian Lenihan.

Posted by kshaw at October 25, 2005 08:22 AM