October 23, 2005

Memories of abuse, inconsolable anger


Tom Hennessy, Staff Columnist

It had been years since she heard his voice.

But now, to Mary Grant's surprise, John Lenihan was talking. Over the phone, he recalled some of what had happened in 1977. Mary, then 14, had been homesick. Lenihan then Father John Lenihan, 32, of St. Norbert's parish, Anaheim had come to visit.

And with Mary's mother at work, she says, he molested her.

Minutes into the phone conversation, as she trolled his memory and drew one admission after another, he became suspicious.

"Are you trying to just tape me and frame me or something?" he asked.

It was an accurate guess. Sitting across from Grant on Nov. 6, 1989, she says, was Detective Jack Jensen of the Anaheim Police Department. He was recording the conversation.

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