October 20, 2005

Ferns priests named in litany of shame

Irish Independent

TWENTY priests are indicted and two bishops castigated in the explosive Ferns report on child sex abuse.

The report, by Judge Frank Murphy, details hundreds of child sex claims made against the 20 priests from the diocese.

It also contains stinging criticisms of two bishops, the late Donal Herlihy and Brendan Comiskey.

Ten of the priests cited have died, six have retired, three have been defrocked and one is described as old and infirm.

The gardai are also slated for their handling of the Fr Jim Grennan case in Monageer. He abused ten girls over a number of years. But otherwise the force comes out of the inquiry relatively unscathed.

The other priests named include Fr Sean Fortune, probably the most notorious of the abusers, Fr Donal Collins and Fr James Doyle, who were both defrocked last year.

The South Eastern Health Board is also condemned for its failure to act properly on reports of abuse.

Dr Herlihy, bishop from 1963 to 1983 when many of the worst abuses were taking place, is singled out for for his responses.

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