October 20, 2005

Law body criticised on fees response

One in Four

The Residential Institutions Redress Board has criticised the approach of the Law Society to dealing with the issue of alleged double charging of victims of child abuse and neglect in children's homes, and accused it of not being proactive enough in dealing with the complaints.

It also suggested the society was adopting an "ad-hoc" response to the problem. Meanwhile, the Government has indicated it will introduce legislation on overcharging if the Law Society fails to deal adequately with complaints.

In a rare public intervention, the Residential Institutions Redress Board published a letter to the society, in response to a request by the solicitors' regulatory and representative body for help to send a letter to an estimated 7,000 compensation applicants, telling them about the complaints procedure against solicitors.

Posted by kshaw at October 20, 2005 09:16 AM