October 19, 2005

Abuse Turns Man Gay

Family News in Focus

by Steve Jordahl

Lawsuit suggests homosexuality is not genetic but caused by one's upbringing.

The Catholic Church in Albany, New York is facing a 5 million dollar lawsuit after a prominent New York philanthropist says he became gay because a priest molested him as a child. J. David Enright IV says he was repeatedly molested at a Catholic summer camp. He says he is miserable, and the molestation "bent' his life. The diocese of Albany refused to comment on the pending suit but Father John Harvey of the ex-gay Catholic ministry Courage says the Catholic Church is dealing with it's past.

"We as priests are involved in reparations for the sins of the past, with the hope that God's grace will be able to turn the tide and get people back into the practice of virtue."

The assertion supports the contention that homosexuality is not genetic but has environmental causes. Dr. Dean Byrd of the University of Utah.

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