October 14, 2005

Vatican's tolerance of gay priests moves toward strict oversight


October 14, 2005

For more than four decades, the Roman Catholic Church has followed both the rules and reality concerning gay priests. The Vatican—as far back as 1961—has made it clear they are not wanted. But many seminaries continued to tolerate what one conservative theologian calls a "lavender subculture" that has brought perhaps thousands of homosexual men to ordination.

Now those parallel worlds are headed for a collision.

The Vatican is putting the finishing touches on a document that strengthens its views that gay orientation and the priesthood are essentially incompatible. But the text—which could be released as early as next month—reportedly will not impose a blanket ban on gay priests. Instead, it may demand years of chastity before entering seminary and prohibit any public acts deemed to support the sexually active gay community.

Posted by kshaw at October 14, 2005 09:18 AM