October 12, 2005

The Catholic Church: Saving us from the yuppie lifestyle


As a boy at Camp Tekawitha on Lake Luzerne in upstate New York, socialite Upper East Side socialite J. David Enright IV claims he was molested by the Rev. Joseph Romano, a counselor at the Catholic camp. Now he's suing the church for $5 million not explicity, we should mention, for molesting him, but for, uh, turning him gay.

"I believe that my life would be very different now," said Enright, 51, dressed in a custom-made English suit and French cuffed shirt. "I'd probably be married, living in Greenwich, with four children in boarding school.
And as we look toward Yom Kippur, we've never had so much reason to thank the Catholic Church.

Posted by kshaw at October 12, 2005 12:28 PM