October 12, 2005

Kansas Judge Removed For Surfing Porn On Judicial Computer

North Country Gazette

For the first time since 1989, the Kansas Supreme Court has removed a county judge from office.

Saline County District Judge George R. Robertson, 56, was relieved of his black robe for viewing visiting pornographic web sites on the computer in his judicial chambers.

The Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications had recommended that the court remove Robertson, a judge for the past 10 years for violating judicial canons against impropriety and demeaning the integrity and impartiality of the court. ...

At a May 25 hearing, Robertson testified that he knew his internet activity was inappropriate on several levels but that the pressures of his judicial position and his volunteer commitments at his church led him to continue the activity.

Robertson, a church elder, told the judicial panel that the adult web sites provided a diversion for him. He told the panel that his conduct was unobtrusive and did not directly involve anyone else.

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