October 10, 2005

Reports of Catholic priest abuses surface in Reno area

San Bernardino County Sun

Associated Press

RENO, Nev. - Reports of sex abuses by Roman Catholic priests have spread across the country since they first surfaced in Boston in 2002, and while the Reno area has not been a focal point of the scandal, it has not been spared.
In an extensive account published on Sunday, the Reno Gazette Journal reported:
After spending his life drunk to avoid the pain left by abuse, a man shares his childhood secret: A priest, claiming he was investigating concerns that the boy, then 12, might be gay, molested and raped him and demanded his silence.
Rwo women, now in their 50s, related how another priest took them as girls to a drive-in theater, and, while sitting between them with a blanket across their laps, allegedly molested them.
Another local woman told of a third Reno priest who she said repeatedly molested and raped her at the rectory, in his car and at a family cabin, leaving her emotionally devastated, addicted and suicidal.

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