October 08, 2005

WUMC Community Begins Healing Process


By: Anthony Oliveiri 10/08/2005

WOODBURY - The Rev. Dr. Earle B. Sanford, pastor at the United Methodist Church for the past 20 years, surrendered his orders last week due to allegations of sexual misconduct with unnamed women in the congregation.

When confronted by his boss, district superintendent Rev. George C. Engelhardt, Rev. Sanford did not deny the allegations.

According to Sandy Carlson, chairman of the communications committee and the church's spokeswoman on the matter, the church community appreciated Rev. Sanford's honesty, which avoided a church trial.

A trial, she said, would be hurtful to the church community because it would force the names of the accusers to be released.

Posted by kshaw at October 8, 2005 07:57 AM