October 07, 2005

Glaude asked to step down

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by , posted 07 Oct 2005

Justice Normand Glaude has been officially asked to recuse himself.
The request to recuse, signed by the Red Flag Committee executive and copied to all MPPs, was delivered to Justice Glaude’s office, Friday, September 30th, 2005.

Justice Glaude was appointed by Attorney General to head the long-awaited Cornwall sex abuse inquiry. The controversial appointment has raised questions regarding judicial independence and impartiality and further eroded respect for the judiciary and confidence in the administration of justice in Cornwall.

In the letter, the RFC addresses questions of judicial independence by detailing allegations and/or suspicions of cover-up relating to: (1) the illegal pay-off of a victim of clerical sexual abuse; (2) Chief Justice Lennox; (3) the Dunlop death threats; and (4) the 26 Project Truth files deposited with the office of the Attorney General. Suspicions are further fuelled by questions regarding the level of friendship which exists among several judges, a Crown attorney and/or Dalton McGuinty.

The RFC concludes that it is unacceptable to ask any Ontario judge to head the inquiry because that is tantamount to asking the office of the Attorney General to investigate itself. The problem is exacerbated by Justice Glaude’s age.

The issue of Justice Glaude’s impartiality is addressed with reference to: (1) family connections; (2) membership with the Ontario Police Commission; (3) Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher; (4) the Advocates Society; and (4) the Knights of Columbus.

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