October 07, 2005

Diocese explains steps it took in priest's case

St. Paul Pioneer Press

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Superior on Thursday sent its pastors and the news media a series of responses to questions surrounding the career of the Rev. Ryan Erickson. Here is the text:

1. Did the Diocese of Superior require a psychological evaluation of Father Ryan Erickson before he was admitted to the seminary?

As is standard practice for anyone who enters the seminary, an initial psychological evaluation had been performed in July 1992. From this initial psychological screening, the diocese received a recommendation from the psychologist that Erickson was "problem free, appeared healthy, psychologically stable and would make an outstanding priest." Accordingly, he was recommended at that time for seminary training to the priesthood.

2. When did the diocese first learn of any allegations of Erickson's sexual misconduct?

In March of 1994, an investigator from the Vilas County district attorney's office phoned the bishop and the vocation director of the Diocese of Superior. The district attorney's office was in the process of conducting an investigation concerning allegations against Erickson of improper sexual behavior some years prior to 1994.

Posted by kshaw at October 7, 2005 08:56 AM