October 06, 2005

Fr. Erickson may have left several victims


Two more people have come forward claiming a Hudson priest sexually abused them. And the Bishop of the Diocese of Superior, Wis., issued a statement saying he is "sorry for not doing more to find out what really happened" in Hudson, where two people were murdered at a funeral home in 2002.

This news comes as a victims' rights group, SNAP (Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests) said there may be more victims of abuse who haven't yet come forward.

"Why was this man allowed to be ordained a priest? That's question number one," said Peter Isely, of SNAP, speaking on the steps of Hudson's city hall.

The concerns come three days after a judge ruled there's probable cause Erickson killed the two funeral home workers, after one of them, Dan O'Connell, appeared ready to make public allegations that Erickson had abused a teenage boy.

The judge also ruled Erickson "probably" killed O'Connell's intern, James Ellison.

Erickson committed suicide last December, less than a month after police questioned him for a second time about the murders.

Posted by kshaw at October 6, 2005 07:26 PM