October 06, 2005

Excerpt from a police transcript with priest suspected of murder

Grand Forks Herald

Associated Press

Police in Hudson, Wis., say they started to look at the Rev. Ryan Erickson as a possible suspect in two murders after he mentioned some details about the crime scene that had not been made public, including that funeral home director Dan O'Connell was found behind a desk. Intern James Ellison also was killed.

Here is a transcript of an interview two detectives had with Erickson in November 2004:

A detective asked the priest if he knew where the victims were in the funeral home.

Erickson responded, "Yeah. I think James was going through a door and out a door? And Dan was behind his desk? I think that's what I, that's what I mean, if I had to say what took place, I would say James was at the door and, Dan was at the desk. But I, of course, have not, I wouldn't even know where his office was. Ah, when I was there, so I couldn't even tell you what it looked like. If it was his office, or I just heard he was behind the desk in his office. So I'm not sure if it was his office or not."

A detective asked whether the priest knew where he heard the information.

"Again, probably from the, from the news or something," Erickson responded.

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