October 05, 2005

Cardinal removes priest who once served at St. Gertrude

Franklin Park Herald-Journal


The Rev. Alfred Corbo of St. Gertrude Church in Franklin Park has never met the Rev. Raymond Skriba.

But Corbo said he "felt bad for the man" after learning that Skriba, a former associate pastor at St. Gertrude, is one of 11 priests permanently removed by Cardinal Francis George from public ministry because of sexual misconduct with children.

"I feel very bad about this, and I pray that it doesn't happen again," Corbo said of the news about Skriba.

Skriba worked as an associate pastor at St. Gertrude approximately 40 years ago. Corbo has been at St. Gertrude for about 18 years.

Skriba, 73, had been pastor since 1984 of St. Joseph Church in Round Lake.

Posted by kshaw at October 5, 2005 08:35 AM