October 04, 2005

Priest blasts 'gay' colleagues

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
October 3, 2005

Father James Haley of the Diocese of Arlington, Va., the whistle-blower priest whose story has been featured in the Washington Times, is once again speaking out.

He issued the following (edited) statement on Oct. 3:

"The 'trial,' if you do not realize it by now, is a sham. But since I have been silenced, and since all the proceedings are secret, both horrendous injustices, no one knows this. And, of course, that information does not come from me. However, whenever, if ever, this trial (sham) is completed, everything will become public. This is the Church's final opportunity to do the right thing the moral thing about its homosexual problem before the explosion of some very extensive and damning information.

"As I have often said, if there is nothing wrong with gay seminarians, gay priests and gay bishops, then let us finally meet them all. Why do they insist on remaining anonymous if there is nothing wrong with their 'priestly' lives?

"As for me, my sexual orientation is very public. I am the heterosexual priest, the one who stood in the chapel at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary and 'promised, vowed and sweared' to remain celibate (unmarried), chaste and modest for the sake of God's Kingdom. On that day, I, a heterosexual, gave up not only sex with women, but all the intimacies and joys of a life lived together with a woman and the family we could create together.

Posted by kshaw at October 4, 2005 08:18 AM