October 03, 2005

Delivered From Evil

Philadelphia Weekly

by Tim Whitaker

Credentials on the table first.
Raised Catholic.

Eight years of Catholic grade school.

Four years of Catholic high school.

Four years of Catholic college.

Baptized, confirmed, lapsed.

Not so different from a whole lot of resumes in this very big Catholic city.

There is no circle of hell horrific enough for the Catholic priests who pretended to stand for a just and kind Almighty and then went out and abused generations of Philadelphia children.

Their eternal damnation should commence at once.

The molesters should be forced to detail their crimes publicly.

A hall of shame should be created, and their pictures posted in the vestibule of every parish church.

The name, rank and specific crimes of the individual molesters should be announced at every Sunday Mass from the pulpits of the parish churches where they once served.

The remaining days of the molesters who still live should be made a living, breathing hell.

Posted by kshaw at October 3, 2005 09:15 AM