July 19, 2005

Bishop Pilla questioned in court over sex abuse questions


Reported by Dave Summers
POSTED: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 5:56:57 PM
UPDATED: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 6:22:22 PM

CLEVELAND -- The court ordered Bishop Anthony Pilla to report to the Justice Center to answer questions about what he knew of sexual abuse cases in the Cleveland Diocese.

The deposition focuses on what Pilla knew about claims of abuse 21 years ago at a Kirtland church.

A former priest at Divine Word Church was accused of molesting 14-year-old Christopher Kodger

The Cleveland Catholic Diocese and Pilla are being sued for the truth of what was known and what was done about Father James Mulica (pictured). The suit wants to know was this complaint swept under the rug and Mulica reassigned by church administrators?

Tuesday, such questions were put to Pilla.

Pilla seemed calm and collected for a staged photo opportunity outside a common pleas courtroom. Inside, it may not have been so comfortable.

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