July 18, 2005


Philadelphia Daily News


DOES SEN. Rick Santorum not want to get re-elected?

We ask because lately the commonwealth's junior senator has been acting kinda, well, dorky.

For a few differing views on this, we direct you to our op-ed page.

But for our money, and maybe it's that liberal bias that blinds us to Santorum's strengths and leads to priests' becoming pedophiles, the senator has been saying and doing things that are at odds with logic, facts, common sense and the basic views of this somewhat- conservative, but oftentimes liberal, state that he proports to represent.

For instance, to the good people of Boston, as far as we know, no one around Philadelphia is blaming your fair city for the sex scandal that engulfed the Catholic Church.

But Santorum did in a 2002 column to a Catholic publication, saying "it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm."

And instead of backing off such a dumb remark, Santorum last week embraced it, telling the Boston Globe that Beantown's "sexual freedom" led to the scandal. "The basic liberal attitude in that area... has an impact on people's behavior," he said.

Posted by kshaw at July 18, 2005 06:10 AM