July 15, 2005

Pennsylvania's Santorum doesn't know what he's talking about

The Salem News

By Alan Lupo

I am a religious guy, so I am about to utter a prayer:

"Dear Lord, thank you very much that Rick Santorum is not one of the senators representing Massachusetts, and that he instead represents Pennsylvania."

I would add, "God save the people of Pennsylvania from this rabid right-winger."

Santorum, who has managed to become the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, has a history of mouthing loony tunes with some not-so-merry melodies. A couple of years ago, when asked to explain his loathing of gays, he suggested that homosexual acts were in the same class of behavior as polygamy, adultery and sex with animals.

Well, here he goes again, this time contending that the Catholic priest pedophile scandal somehow had its roots in Boston's "liberalism" and our lax attitude towards "sexual license."

Who knew?

Well, actually my former Boston Globe colleagues who broke the pedophile scandal seem to know stuff, and the stuff they uncovered bears no resemblance to what's described in the meanderings of ridiculous Rick.

Posted by kshaw at July 15, 2005 10:09 AM