July 11, 2005

Catholic group not going away

Indianapolis Star

By Robert King

One proposal wanted a push for laws that would allow Roman Catholic bishops to be prosecuted if they are a party to the cover-up of a priest sexual-abuse case.

Another suggested that people in the pews stop putting money in the collection plates unless bishops open up the church's financial books.

And one proposal recommended that, after 1,500 years of papal control, the authority for choosing bishops should be returned to regular Catholic churchgoers.

Voice of the Faithful, born three years ago as a grassroots response to the priest sex-abuse scandal, showed this weekend that it still possesses a sometimes angry voice of dissent within the Catholic community.

But the gathering of the group's leaders from around the country also tried to show that the movement isn't just a Boston phenomenon and that it will be a force the church must reckon with for some time to come.

Posted by kshaw at July 11, 2005 07:31 AM