July 07, 2005

Archdiocese may prefer for this voice to be silent

Indianapolis Star

Ruth Holladay

July 7, 2005

On a beautiful July morning at Ken Sauer's Old Northside home, with the garden in full riot and fresh coffee served in mugs noting the 50th anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas Church, it's hard to believe there's a fly in paradise.

But there is.

Sauer, 57, is a cradle Catholic, active in his Northside parish. So is Mary Heins, 64. They talk, fondly, of their "near perfect" experiences growing up Catholic; he in New York City, she in rural Iowa.

Their well-sown sense of identity got a rude upheaval in 2002. Outraged after learning of years of cover-ups by bishops on behalf of sexually abusive priests, they joined Voice of the Faithful. The group responded to scandals in Boston and beyond.

This weekend, Voice of the Faithful will hold its second national meeting. Hundreds of Catholics will convene at the Indiana Convention Center to take action on "The Laity Speak: Accountability Now."

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